Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Small gifts

Do you like gifts? 

I made these small gifts just for you.

1. A coin pouch and a key chain.

2. A pair of  brooch and a key chain.

These brooches could also be used as necklace.

So there will be two winners of this giveaway.

How to win these gifts?

1. Give comment of this post.
2. Follow this blog.

This giveaway will be closed on 23 October 2013. Everybody could join this giveaway. Good luck.

- Pingkan -


  1. That's great and I want to participate!
    Thank you so much and kisses from Spain

  2. what a lovely gifts mba Pingkan.... :)
    done follow your blog. thank you for the chance, i wish i can win one of those lovelies.^_^

  3. hi, Pingkan! lovely lovely lovely :)

  4. so cute......apalagi kalo nyampe ke Abidjan hhehe....

    daku sudah lama jadi follower mba *ngarep dapat coin pouch :)

  5. waw,unyu bgt ..mau..mau.dah follow blognya: miarsi ningsih
    wish i luck :)

  6. Rajut kan ini.. selalu ngiri sama crafter yg jago ngerajut.. :D
    cute.. unik.. orisinil ga ada yg nyamain deh...

    barusan follow

  7. alo mba pinkan, udh follow blognya ya..
    sya penyuka crochet, msh pemula bgt dan brusaha belajar.
    sangat tidak nolak klo dapet gift cantik2 di atas. warnanya seger hehe..
    salam knal ... :)

  8. pouchnya keren, gan-cinya lucu, brosnya cantik mba...suka sama perpaduan warnanya :)

    saya sudah follow ya mba (dari dulu) :)

    berharap semoga salah satu hadiahnya jadi milikku ;)


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