Saturday, October 5, 2013

Coin pouch

Playing with colors is wonderful. 
I made these coin pouches with the pattern from Ondori 2615.

In October last year, I started this blog. I have many blog friends and wanted to thank you for your comments and supports to me and this blog. You are awesome. In the mean time I am preparing to make some gifts for you, my blog friends and readers. One of these coin pouches will be given to you. So until next posting.

 - Pingkan -


  1. a year - already??! time flies when we are in a good company ^_^

  2. sweet color and charm pouch...^^

  3. keren..keren..keren.....warnanya pas banget...mauuuuu....:)

  4. These coin pouches are so CUTE!!! I want to make some too.


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